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Baba Dioum saying

Our mission is to educate students about mountain gorillas and the threat of extinction that they face. It is hoped that, through education, students will feel compelled to take action themselves and help to raise funds for the Gorilla Doctors. The Gorilla Doctors have been operating in Africa since 1986 and began a partnership with UC Davis in April 2009.

igorilla.org was founded in 2008 by Tony Hartman, who first saw mountain gorillas in Zaire (now the DR Congo) in 1989. Making eye contact with the gorillas left him profoundly moved, with the undeniable feeling that they are intelligent, conscious creatures, with emotions not unlike those of us humans. 19 years later his passion for them led him back to Africa to document their struggle to survive as a species. This time he visited them twice - in Uganda and Rwanda. He is pictured here shooting video of gorillas in Rwanda in July 2008.


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igorilla.org is dedicated to helping The Gorilla Doctors meet their fundraising goals. In addition to a monthly donation given directly by igorilla.org since August 2009, we organize an annual fundraising benefit at Ortega Elementary School in Pacifica, California.

Please click on a date to view our past benefits:

April 27, 2012 March 4, 2011 December 4, 2009

gorilla doctor's donor list
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mgvp doctor with patient
The Gorilla Doctors' team of veterinarians and their support staff is dedicated to providing medical
care in the field in Africa. Above is one of their doctors performing a checkup on a recent orphan. The
Gorilla Doctors is the sole beneficiary of fundraising efforts by igorilla.org and receives a monthly
donation from our organization. Please visit their site at www.gorilladoctors.org to learn more and to
donate what is comfortable for you. It would be appreciated if you could state that your donation is in
honor of igorilla.org so that we may track our efforts. Photo courtesy of the Gorilla Doctors